New WebCalendar UI

The WebCalendar user interface has become rather dated, and new UI options are currently being considered. Mobile platforms need to be better supported. There’s been feedback about that for many years now. Goals for the new UI include:

  • modern appearance
  • native mobile support (better rendering on mobile)
  • simplified code for doing layout (no more using table column widths to do layout)
  • built-in support for themes/customization
  • built-in support for menus, date selection, rich text edit (or easily added)
  • wide adoption (easy for developers to use)
  • lean & fast

Bootstrap with jQuery looks like a step in the right direction. Comment below on on the Github issue page if you have suggestions.

February 2021 Update

There is now a new bootstrap-ui branch on the github repo. The updated UI will be jquery + bootstrap. It’s just getting started, so there’s not much to look at yet. As always…. code contributions are welcome!

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