k5nCal Competitors

Below is a list of similar cal keeping applications. Feel free to take a look at the competition. If you see a feature in one of these tools that you’d like to see added to k5nCal, please add a new issue to Github.

  • Apple iCal: IMHO, the gold standard of desktop calendars. (Mac only)
  • Microsoft Outlook: probably the most widely used desktop calendar, but does cost $$$. (Windows only)
  • Rainlendar: available in free “lite” version and commerical “pro” versions. (Windows/Linux)
  • Mulberry: Free full-features cross-platform mail/calendar client. Source code available for Linux. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Sunbird: the cross-platform calendar application built on the Mozilla Toolkit. Promising, but still under development… (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • KOrganizer: Open source calendar app for KDE. (Primarily Linux.)
  • Evolution: GNOME-based calendar from Novell. (Linux only)