WebCalendar Screenshots

Below are screenshots from version 1.0. Colors are completely configurable by the user. A custom header and trailer was setup via WebCalendar’s System Settings. The “Month View” shows how the mouse-over popup window displays the event’s full description. (The mouse was over the event when the screen shot was taken.) The add event page shows the optional HTMLArea package.

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    1. You may be able to subscribe to your WebCalendar from within MS Outlook, depending on your version of Outlook. I believe the web version (OWA) of Outlook supports remote ICS calendars. You would need to enable publishing your calendar(s) in WebCalendar to do this. From the WebCalendar top menu, select Settings -> Preferences. Click on the “Subscribe/Publish” tab. Using the subscription URL allows read-only access to your WebCalendar. The “Remote Publishing” allows the client (Outlook) to add/modify/delete events on your WebCalendar. Note that the remote publishing option has not been tested recently with Outlook, so I’d setup a test install of WebCalendar before doing it with your actual calendar.

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