About Qlog

NOTE: This page is here mostly for historical reasons. I doubt anyone out there is still using Qlog, nor is it clear if there are any QuakeWorld servers still in use…. But it was an interesting project, so I’ll leave the page here.

Qlog is:

  • A QuakeWorld/Quake II server frag log parser that generates stats out the wazoo.
  • A CGI that presents a player’s profile of more stats out the wazoo.
  • Current version is 1.51 (released 24 Apr 1998)


Qlog was run on many megabytes of frag log files (with over 10,000 players included). The limit to what it can process is really how much memory and CPU power you have. Qlog was designed to outperform all its competitors. Because Qlog summarizes frag log files into much smaller data archives, it continues to perform well on sites with frag logs out the wazoo.


  • Free source code! (under GNU GPL)
  • High performance
  • Multi-platform support: Linux, Solaris and Win95/NT
  • Supports QuakeWorld log files and Log Standard v1.2 formats.
  • Top players sorted by frags, kill ratio and rank
  • Top frags for the day
  • Top frags for the month
  • Top frags for clans
  • Custom scoring equations
  • Displays ping time of players
  • Displays position last month
  • Supports the namefun high ASCII characters
  • Name aliasing (“sigkill” is the same as “–SIGKILL–“, etc.)
  • Custom HTML header and trailer for pages
  • Configurable table size and fonts
  • Player profiles:
    • Displays all stats as totals for: all data, this month, this week, yesterday, and today
    • Displays stats against just LPBs and just HPBs
    • Most consecutive frags
    • Sorted list of victims
    • Sorted list of those who have gibbed you
    • Additional player demographics can be added


Source code for version 1.51:

Windows binaries (you still need to download the source for documentation):

Qlog has been compiled under Linux 2.X with gcc, Solaris with gcc and Win95 with LCC-Win32.

For more info on how to use qlog, use the following command:

qlog -help



HA! … that’s funny 😉