About This Site


This site is primarily a home for various open source projects. This includes WebCalendar and some other projects that are hosted on github and SourceForge.

The most prominent work hosted here is WebCalendar, an Open Source web-based calendar/scheduling system written in PHP. WebCalendar has been under development since 2000 and continues to evolve.

After years of development, testing, and user feedback from around the world, WebCalendar is a very stable and feature-rich product that compares very favorably with the best commercial calendars.

List of Projects

  • WebCalendar – PHP-based calendar application.
  • k5nCal – A desktop calendar application (similar in usage to Apple’s iCal for Macos) written in Java/Swing.
  • Java Calendar Tools – A Java library for processing iCalendar data(RFC 2445). This library is used heavily by the k5nCal project.
  • k5nJournal – A desktop journalling application written in Java/Swing.
  • EDocIAS – A PHP electronic document index and search system.
  • k5nBookReader – A simple desktop application for reading plain text books from Project Gutenberg.
  • GTimer – A Linux desktop app (GTK) for tracking time spent on various activities.
  • Jxmlss – Java-based toolkit for generating files in SpreadsheetML format (compatible with MS Excel).
  • ILib – A library (and some tools and examples) written in C that can read, create, manipulate and save images in a variety of formats.
  • k5n Accordion – Java Swing UI container that provides an accordion-style container.