k5nCal (k5n Desktop Calendar)

The k5n Desktop Calendar (k5nCal, for short) is a Java-based calendar application for your desktop. It shares features with applications like Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook, but it’s open source (free) and cross-platform (Mac, Linux, Windows).

The application is built upon Java Calendar Tools (also developed by k5n.us), and all data is stored in RFC 2445 iCalendar format.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Supports Mac OS X, Linux or Windows (requires Java 1.5)
  • Import calendar data in iCalendar (RFC2445) or CSV (MS Outlook) format
  • Subscribe to remote calendars (icalshare.com, etc.)
  • Open source license: Use it free of charge , or download it and modify the source code.

Github.com Services

Development resources from Github are used in the development of k5ncal.

For a list of developer resources, see the Developers page.


The k5n Desktop Calendar contains both custom code and 3rd party libraries. All custom code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

For more information about this license:

Note: For those not familiar with the GPL, this license means that k5nCal is free to use.

3rd Party Libraries

The following 3rd party libraries are bundled with the k5n Desktop Calendar: