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About k5n
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k5n provides custom software solutions for your business or community with 10 years of web development experience (from the very early days of the web).

k5n has a broad range of experience, having utilized many different techonologies developing web sites:

  • Java / Servlet / JSP
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • ASP / VBScript
  • XML
  • C
  • Perl / DBI

Current open source k5n tools and applications include:

  • WebCalendar: web-based calendar application
  • k5nCal: Java-based desktop calendar application (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • k5njournal: Java-based personal diary application (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • jxmlss: a Java-based library for generating Spreadsheet ML files (compatibile with Excel 2003+)
  • dbi4php: a database abstraction layer for PHP
  • Ilib: a library (with tools and examples) written in C that can read, create, manipulate and save images
  • Java Calendar Tools: a Java-based library for developing calendar applications based on the iCal standard
  • GTimer: a UNIX/Linux application to track how you spend your time on various tasks

WebCalendar Logo k5n's most prominent work is WebCalendar, an Open Source web-based calendar/scheduling system written in PHP. WebCalendar has been under development since 2000 and continues to evolve.

After years of development, testing, and user feedback from around the world, WebCalendar is a very stable and feature-rich product that compares very favorably with the best commercial calendars.

k5n Desktop Calendar

k5nCal screenshot k5n's newest application is the k5n Desktop Calendar (aka "k5nCal"). This Java/Swing-based calendar application is under development but already contains many of the features found in commercial desktop calendars:

  • Support for multiple calendars
  • Subscribe to remote iCalendar-based calendars like those found on icalshare
  • Import both iCalendar and CSV (generated by Outlook)
  • Multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux)

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