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WebCalendar Hosting
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If you already have a hosting service or other machine that intend to install WebCalendar on, it must support the following:

  • PHP 4.0 or 5.0 (PHP 4.3 or later is recommended for WebCalendar 1.1+)
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL (WebCalendar 1.1+ will also work with SQLite with PHP 5.0, which can be used instead of an external database like MySQL.)
  • Access to cron/scheduled jobs if you want to send out email reminders in a multiuser WebCalendar setup (Event calendars do not currently send email reminders, so this is not required if you are planning on setting up WebCalendar as an event calendar.)

The simplest way to get WebCalendar up and running quickly is to sign up with a hosting service that offers one-click installations of WebCalendar. The services listed below offer one-click installations of WebCalendar.

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