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WebCalendar Documentation
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Download WebCalendar System Administrator's Guide
WebCalendar Introduction, installation instructions and FAQ
Download WebCalendar User's Manual
User instructions and FAQ
Download README
WebCalendar README file
Download Wiki
WebCalendar Wiki site where users can add their own documentation
Download UPGRADING (WebCalendar 1.0)
Provides instruction on upgrading to WebCalendar 1.0 from an older version
Download UPGRADING (WebCalendar 1.1/1.2)
Provides instruction on upgrading to WebCalendar 1.1/1.2 from an older version
Download Database Design
WebCalendar 1.0 database schema
Download Database Design
WebCalendar 1.1 database schema
Download WebCalendar Developer Guide
Provides guidelines for making code changes to WebCalendar
Download WebCalendar Functions
Documents internal WebCalendar functions
Download WebCalendar Tutorial
Author: John Alcheman (based on v0.9.44)
Download WebCalendar Tutorial (in German)
Author: Markus Egartner, based on English tutorial (based on v.0.9.45)

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