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k5njournal App

24 Apr 2007 - Version 0.2.5 is available. See the Downloads page.

18 Apr 2007 - The first release (version 0.2.3) is now available.

About k5njournal

The k5njournal application is a journal application much like a personal diary. It is built upon Java Calendar Tools, and all data is stored in RFC 2445 iCalendar format.

k5njournal main window


  • Supports Mac OS X, Linux or Windows (requires Java 1.4)
  • Saves all entries in iCalendar RFC 2445 format
  • Simple and intuitive user interface similar to many popular email applications
    • Years and months organized info folders
    • Quick text search scans all entries for search text
  • Open source license so you can download and modify the source and use it free of charge.

See Plans to see what features will be added next.

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Development resources from SourceForge.net are used in the development of k5njournal.


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