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Please feel free to post your WebCalendar success story here. As a bonus, because as a high Google page rank, posting a link to your site here will likely boost traffic to your site.

Many have posted their successes on a thread in the Open Discussion forum.


[edit] 2011

[edit] Austin Ultimate Sedans

  • or


Rolling out a limousine and executive sedan transporation reservations system using mysql, using the WebCalendar for scheduling. I'm really happy with the functionality of WebCalendar - easy to install and configure, and thankfully good database documentation!

[edit] 2010

[edit] Volkstanzkalender


We use WebCalendar 1.2.0 to collect folkdanse events from all provinces in austria.

The Site uses Wordpress as basis and WebCalender as Calendar.


Wordpress Plugin for fetching reports from

Webcal user auth plugin users_wordpress.php and some extensions to report.php, edit_report.php edit_report_handler.php, edit_entry.php

[edit] 2009

[edit] Lewis Center for Neuroimaging


We use WebCalendar to schedule time in our research-oriented MRI scanner, as well as the MRI simulator, our conference room, and MRI-related events and seminars.

[edit] Rosedale Soccer League


We currently using WebCalendar on our soccer website to let parent and the community know about games and upcoming events. While we are still getting use to the format it is getting easier day by day.

Url for Calendar is:



[edit] 2008

[edit] digi-securetrak financial case tracking system


We have integrated WebCalendar into a financial case tracking system. The system tracks both loan and equity release financial cases from the initial contact through to completion. More information can be found at the following link...

WebCalendar is used to organise appointments especially for appointments which require more than one staff member present, which can be required with certain types of financial case. When an appointment date is specified within the system it automatically creates the WebCalendar entry which is then available for the rest of the staff to view so no conflict of appointments are made.

We'd recommend WebCalendar to anyone (and regularly do!) it is easy to use and yet very comprehensive.




We have been using WebCalendar on our home owners association web site for about a year with great success. We are a large organization with currently over 5000 homes and 13,000 residents. It is used to display both association and community events. The printer-friendly option has made calendar distribution much easier for the office staff; they used to generate them manually.


[edit] CHIPS on the Web


Here's a 1.1.6 version running quite well out of with the 'upcoming' in an iframe out of "Next 2 Weeks". Calendar linked out of "Complete Event Calendar"

Url for Calendar is:

Still have some customizing to do, especially with 'print'... and the color scheme is more or less prototype, but so far all the feedback is positive.

Great Job, Team! Thanks


[edit] Community Web Portal


Great piece of coding! We are using this very heavily in our community events calendar. If you want to see an example of the high end performance then this is the site. We not only have many entries in multiple categories, we have a heck of a lot of traffic (5000) people per day. Add the sheer volume of image calls within the description fields (particularly in the drink specials category) and you will see the top end. You will start to see it taking a bit longer to load the month page when you select the all category.

Header is a little cheesy as we are sucking up to these individual businesses to all use this calendar vs. the 20 other calendars across the city. We are in the process of creating a much better header but other than that the calendar is performing very well once we pushed users to a smaller category to begin with. Thus the reason we splash them into the live events category.

[edit] 2007

[edit] Ev.-luth. Kirchenkreis Walsrode


We are the Lutheran Church District of Walsrode, Germany with 14 congregations. In November 2007 we set up the Calender on our Website to better inform the 45000 members of our church. At the moment the Calendar is set up for 20 users. The data itself is displayed on several subpages of the website, using reports to display categories and user data. It's included via an inline php-wrapper.

See the whole calendar at:
See a report list at:

We have tested several calendar applications, but only this one can deal with the great amount of data, because it can be set up so flexible. This is a great piece of software!

[edit] Civil Liberties Australia

We are a not for profit organisation promoting civil liberties within Australia.

We have set the Calendar up to inform, both our members, and the general public about what we are doing and whom we are meeting in the advancement of liberties within Australia.

We use an IFrame on every page that is underpinned by the Calendar with the full Calendar accessible through the IFrame. See our Home page at : for an example.

The functionality offered by the Calendar enables a broad range of information and images to be displayed, dependant on the event or meeting.

Good software doing a great job for us and the promotion of civil liberties.

[edit] Small Travel Agency

We are a small ground handler for a travel agency in San Andres Island. Mostly tours and transfers between the airport and hotel Our setup is quite simple, no major changes to the code.

We have 3 users, 2 populate the calendar of the 3rd user with the request we get from our partners in the mainland. The 3rd person is the one in charge of contacting the people and letting them know when their tours are taking place.

Room for expansion is limited if we happen to grow to fast, but with some custom coding it could end up being some sort of CRM for small ground handlers.

I'd love to see in the new version more types of users EG Super admin, admin, editor, etc etc.

Thank you for this great software!.

[edit] 2006

[edit] Custom UAV

Awsome calendar! I have it in an iframe at:

It's perfect for our open source project.

[edit] McKernan Christian Church

Great piece of software, I've used it on

here it sits in a frameset, that's why there is a large gap at the top of the page so that the dropdown menus show

again it sits in a frameset

I'm experimenting here, trying out a custom header

it lets my users do their own updates without asking me, I really like that

[edit] College of Science, George Mason University

We are using it for seminars at the College of Science, George Mason University

This is 1.1.1 through an iframe. I have used site_extras.php to add Speaker and Abstract, and each department has a user who enters their own talks.

I am also using it at our equestrian center:

By having 2 non-user calendars, with only one public, I have made our "in-house" activities one color, while outside competitions appear in gray (they are "layerevents") Thus visitors to the site can clearly see our own activities, while we can furnish information to our riding students about upcoming away shows.

[edit] ICLEI-A/NZ

Dear Craig,

We use Webcalendar as our primary group scheduling application for 50 users across four time zones.

The comination of Webcalendar and good mail client (Thunderbird & squirrelmail) provides a similar level of functionality to an MS Exchange solution without all the cost, security and vendor lock-in problems.

The standards-based foundations of Webcalendar and the obvious coding quality give me great confidence that Webcalendar will remain the system of choice for our organisation for years to come.

Thanks for a great piece of software.

Nick Fahey
ICT Manager

[edit] Garuda Asociación Cultural Tibetana A.C

I'm using WebCalendar as an 'announce only' calendar of events (in Spanish) for a non-profit organization. You can see it (with my tweaks) at:

or go to the homepage:

and mavigate to the calendar via the main menu: Eventos > Calendario to see it inside my homegrown 'portal' frameset.

Many thanks! It's great software.

[edit] The Golden Dance

I use WC as my publicly-available performance calendar. Fans and prospective clients can see if I'm available on any particular date.

I've added a custom header & footer & will probably tweak things a bit more as I delve into all the options.

Thanks very much for an easy-to-use and -install application!


-Michèle Sharik
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

[edit] Country Wide Calendar

I'm using WC as a community events calendar. I've added some additional pages (some of which will become obsolete with the release of v1.1)for "About," "Contact," "Home," etc.

I'm using a FRAMESET to manage the perimeter content.


  • search results sorted by date
  • public submission of an event needing approval triggers an email to me
  • "Timed Event" is default (THX Craig)

I'm not much of an artist, so any feedback on improving the site's appearance is appreciated.



[edit] Blighted

My band Blighted is using the webCalendar now.

It is absolutely fanastic!

Each band member has his / her own access, and can set when they are not around for gigs.

We are also considering giving potential venue managers their own login to be able to directly book gigs!

Cracking peice of kit!

Pete Gallagher
Lead Singer

[edit] Fire Arts Center of Chicago

We just started using this fantastic software to post upcoming gallery exhibits, media coverage, classes, etc for the fire arts center of chicago (a non-profit metal sculpture, foundry, and education program).

Thanks for getting this software up and running, it really saved me a TON of time.

[edit] Spanishbrolly


We are using WebCalendar for events for expats in Spain.

Its a really handy tool.. thanks.

[edit] Chinmaya Saaket

We have integrated Webcalender Chinmaya Mission Dallas/ Forth Worth(a non profit organization). We are tracking several events of mutliple users, view etc. Ref:

[edit] 2005

[edit] Eleven Black Men

This is a really nice calendar script.

I had previously used CalendarScript for my web calendar needs, but your script is superior in several ways. You can see my calendar linked from the main site: or you can go directly there:

[edit] George F. DeVine Music Library

We use the webcalendar so that our student workers can schedule time off and get someone else to work for them. It has been a wonderful tool for us. We have it set up so that the students don't have to login, but all events have to be approved before they appear on the calendar, and everyone is notified when someone requests off.

[edit] Organic Parenting

hi craig
your webcalendar is brilliant and so are you!

this is still the test site and will change addresses later on.


[edit] International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

I am using the webcalendar for my organisation, from tomorrow 1st July, it will be officially used, till now it has been used as trial. ( access to this calendar may be little slow)

Thanks to the development group. Hope to see the feature list implemented sooner.


[edit] Jongleerkalender

I love this WebCalendar and I've created a site around it (in dutch), to display juggling-related events in europe. I'm very happy with it.

To prevent people from spamming the calendar I disabled the posibility to login, register and to add events, I'm implementing a mailform so that people can send an add-event-request.

And, I soon 'll add a little work on the printstylesheet. Hope you like it.


Announcing events in a parish in Paris, France:

Thanks to WebCalendar!


[edit] Christian Heritage Schools Association

Christian Heritage School (Riverdale, Utah, USA) has used webcalender running on Linux since around August of 2002 for displaying school sporting and other school events online. is the intranet style link into the calendars, showing upcoming events along with links to three calendar views: HS, EL, and Master. There are links from the main site as well.

Events from the master calendar show up on both the high school and elementary specific calendars along with events for those specific age groups. The master calendar shows master events as well as both HS and EL events (a total combined view). Some very minor hacking to the code was required to get the coloring to work out correctly across all three calendars.


[edit] nCalendar

With small hacks we're running WebCalendar as public calendar (not shared): :


WebCalendar as a scientific events calendar:


I just got the guts to use this calendar and be exposed to the world of MySQL. I use it on my personal site to list events that are taking place in Ottawa amongst my friends. Because I'm letting people get used to the system I have enabled anon posting, which will soon change! :)

my site: (click view all under the 'upcoming events' module in the upper left corner to see uniquely implemented IFramed calendar.

[edit] West Michigan Blues Society

I've used Webcalendar since November 2004, to post blues music events on our website. I am the admin and must approve all events. The public can submit events for approval, however. A couple bands do this, but I add most events. We're a couple versions behind because I have not (yet) had success upgrading (this is a volunteer position...)

Our host provides Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.3.7 and MySQL 3.23.58.

I have received many compliments on the calendar, which is a VAST improvement over whichever one the former webmaster used.

The URL to our web site is: and the URL directly to the webcalendar is

Thank you so much for such a fine application.



[edit] Harvard Lowkeys

We're using it for our college a cappella group. You can see the calendar at

The reason we haven't upgraded to a more recent release is because I've made some custom modifications to the code to allow a new type of site extra and a couple of new types of reports, which we use to generate weekly newsletters which list all our upcoming events.


[edit] Boogie-Woogie

Hi Craig,

i don't know if I can help ...... but I use this calendar (MySQL)...... as a summary of the most popular Boogie, Swing and dance workshops in the area of South Germany and Austria. Also includes our own traniee events ......

I started with this calendar in 2002 ....... I use a similar one in our company (which is a hospital).

As a special .... everyone can add their events with an approval from the admin. If they wanna add an event a pop-up will open about information in which approval-intervals this event will be published.......also I use the with layers (holidays also included) and special "site_extras" - enviroments .....

here is the link for it:

kind regards


[edit] conkret

Dear Mr. Knudsen,

I am using wecalendar with good success and am delighted to send you our example at (point your browser to "kalender")

Thanks for your outstanding work.
S. Wiese

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