Sharing a Single Calendar With Multiple Users

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Suppose you have 5 people who should all be looking at and editing the same calendar. They should all have their own username/password, but you want them to see the same calendar. An example of this could be a staff calendar. All employees should have their own login so you can track who creates/edits/deletes events.

  1. Create a normal WebCalendar user for each person to access WebCalendar.
  2. Create a NonUser calendar to use as the common shared calendar.
  3. Create a custom view of type "Month (on same calendar)" that includes just the Nonuser calendar you just created. This view will need to be "global" so that all users can access it.
  4. In System Settings, change the "Preferred View" to be this custom view you just created.

Note: Do all of this before allowing your users to change any of the preferences, or it will override the system-wide default "Preferred View".

In this setup, each user will still have their own calendar, but they will be directed to the common shared calendar when they login.

Just make sure they understand when adding events, they need to select the NonUser calendar as the participant and unselect themself.

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