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WebCalendar Wiki - Introduction

WebCalendar is a web-based calendar application. You can configure it as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users or as an event calendar viewable by visitors. Not sure what a Wiki is? Read this. The purpose of this wiki is to allow WebCalendar users to provide feedback to the WebCalendar community. Did you find that the core WebCalendar documentation didn't cover something you were trying to do? If so, then add the documentation to this site on. (You will need to create a wiki account to add or edit content.)

Adding Content to the Wiki

Want to add content to this wiki? Read this.

Security Notice

All users with version 1.0.X, 1.1.X or 1.2.2 or earlier should update their WebCalendar installation to the 1.2.3. version. There have been issues with SQL Injection found in earlier versions that were published on the BugTraq list. All WebCalendar administrators should subscribe to the mailing list. This low-volume mailing list will keep you informed of any security-related issues that may be uncovered in WebCalendar.

WebCalendar Versions

Not sure what version of WebCalendar you have? Read This.

WebCalendar Versions
Version Status Description
WebCalendar 1.2.3 Stable production release This is recommended for productions servers. (1.2 code can be found in the REL_1_2_3 branch in CVS.)
WebCalendar 1.2.X Pre-production release (1.2 code can be found in the REL_1_2 branch in CVS.)
WebCalendar 1.3.X Not yet released There have been no official 1.3 releases. The latest code in CVS on the HEAD branch will eventually evolve into the first 1.3 release. This is recommended for WebCalendar developers and others interested in bleeding edge tools. Not recommended for production servers.

Some of the new features in 1.2:

  • RSS syndication of calendars
  • RSS feed of unapproved events
  • Read/Write sync through Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, k5nCal
  • Much better support for the iCalendar standard (if you need complicated recurrence rules)
  • Advanced user access control
  • Multiple public calendars (using nonuser calendars)
  • Full Timezone support
  • Remote calendar subscriptions (a new special type of nonuser calendar)
  • Database query caching (greatly improves performance)
  • CSS and javascript are now called as external files and cached in the browser (big performance boost)
  • VTODO (Tasks) are now supported as part of the
  • Self Registration with optional IP blacklisting and password autogeneration
  • A spiffy menu system that can optionally replace the links at the bottom of the pages
  • PhpMailer has been incorporated, allowing use of phpmail, SMTP (w/ auth), and sendmail protocols
  • Themes can now simplify the customization of your WebCalendar look and feel.

You can get the latest 1.2 development version as a CVS snapshot from the WebCalendar Download Page at or from the webcalendar 1.2 package on SourceForge.

Installation & Documentation

Most users will want to start here.

WebCalendar Mini-Guides

Below are some guides contributed by users. Feel free to add to this list...

Most Wanted

Below are some guides yet to be written that other users would find helpful based on feedback from the forums.

  1. Setting Up an Event Calendar in 1.0 (WebCalendar 1.0)
  2. Installation Movie (mpg/mov file showing steps of installation)
  3. Subscribing to a Remote iCalendar File (WebCalendar 1.1+ only)


Below are some tutorials written by Users who are experienced using WebCalendar.

Additional useful extensions

Help & Support

If you are having trouble installing or configuring WebCalendar, you should first start with the FAQ to make sure your answer is not in there. A lot of common problems are covered in the FAQ. If it is not in the FAQ, then take a look at the Help/Troubleshooting Forum on SourceForge.

If you think you have found a bug in WebCalendar, please take a look at the list of Open Bugs on SourceForge. If you don't see your bug, you can submit a bug report. (You will need a SourceForge account to do this.)

Success Stories Screenshot Screenshot

Read about WebCalendar Success Stories...

I'd also like to add some current screenshots of the some of best looking WebCalendar installations out there.... kind of like what's on the Showcase Page (but a lot of those sites no longer exist or are old...)

So, feel free to post screenshots here if you're feeling bold!

CHIPS Group, Frankfort KY
CHIPS Group, Frankfort KY
Civil Liberties Australia Screenshot
Civil Liberties Australia Screenshot
Boogie-Woogie Rock'n Roll Club Freilassing
Boogie-Woogie Rock'n Roll Club Freilassing
WebCalendar customized with new colors and icons. More screenshots:
WebCalendar customized with new colors and icons. More screenshots:

Personal Pages

Curious about who is behind WebCalendar? Some developers and contributors have personal pages here.


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