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WebCalendar Competitors
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Competing Web-based Calendars

Most don't point out their competition. We think healthy competition is a good thing :-)

  • Kronolith: A PHP-based calendar that is part of the Horde Application Framework
  • Chronos: a mod_perl-based calendar
  • MRBS: Meeting Room Booking System. A PHP-based schedule for conference rooms that was originally based on an older version of WebCalendar.
  • Jax: PHP-based event calendar that can use MySQL or flat files.
  • Plans: a Perl/CGI-based event calendar
  • Prospector: Perl/DBI rather than PHP. Looks very much like Yahoo! Looks like development has stalled since June 2001.
  • myPHPCalendar: A PHP-based calendar
  • mod_perl Calendar: Perl-based calendar last updated in 1999
  • phpScheduleIt: A PHP-based reservation system

There are also quite a few groupware suites that include calendar modules:

  • eGroupware: PHP-based groupware project
  • TUTOS: PHP-based groupware project
  • BORG Calendar: A Java-based calendar and task tracker
  • phpGroupWare: A PHP-based office suite. The calendar was based on an earlier version of WebCalendar.

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