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Qlog QuakeWorld Stats Generator
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  • Free source code! (under GNU GPL)
  • High performance
  • Multi-platform support: Linux, Solaris and Win95/NT
  • Supports QuakeWorld log files and Log Standard v1.2 formats.
  • Top players sorted by frags, kill ratio and rank
  • Top frags for the day
  • Top frags for the month
  • Top frags for clans
  • Custom scoring equations
  • Displays ping time of players
  • Displays position last month
  • Supports the namefun high ASCII characters
  • Name aliasing ("sigkill" is the same as "--SIGKILL--", etc.)
  • Custom HTML header and trailer for pages
  • Configurable table size and fonts
  • Player profiles:
    • Displays all stats as totals for: all data, this month, this week, yesterday, and today
    • Displays stats against just LPBs and just HPBs
    • Most consecutive frags
    • Sorted list of victims
    • Sorted list of those who have gibbed you
    • Additional player demographics can be added

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