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  1. What is Qlog?
  2. What is Qlog written in?
  3. How much data can Qlog process?
  4. Does it work with regular Quake?
  5. Does it work with Quake II?
  6. Why doesn't Qlog guess clan names automatically?
  7. Why do frags not show up right away?
  8. How often should I run Qlog?
  9. Does it work with add-ons like Rocket Arena?
  10. Can I use Qlog on more than one server?

What is Qlog?

Qlog reads frag log files generated by QuakeWorld servers and generates various pages of statistics including who has the most kills, who has the best kills to deaths ratio, etc.

What is Qlog written in?

Qlog is written in C. On Solaris and Linux, the GNU compiler was used. On Windows95/NT, MS Visual C++ was used.

How much data can Qlog process?

Qlog can process as much data as your CPU can handle. There is no limit to the number of players it will process. My server currently has over 14,000 players in over 25Mb of frag logs (over 1 million gibs!) and it handles it with no problem. As you might guess, Qlog will begin to run a little slower as the number of players increases. Note that the limiting factor will always be the number of players, not the number of frags. Thus, if you have a private server with a few hundred users, you should be able to run Qlog on any amount of data.

Does it work with Quake?

No, Quake servers (as opposed to QuakeWorld servers) do not record frag log files. They do log activity to a file called console.log, but it is a different than a frag log file. There are log parsers for console.log available.

Does it work with Quake II?

Yes, it will work with Quake II. But, you need to run a server mod to do it. You can use the server-side mod for QuakeWorld-style logging by Dave "Mongoose" Feldman. See http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/dmf14/q2flog.htm.

Or, you can use the "Standard Log" (GSLogMod) available on the GibStats page.

Note, that Qlog does not take full advantage of the additional information available in the Standard Log format. Qlog v2.0 will provide support for this additional info to allow you to show stats per map, weapon, etc. Qlog will look for the file "StdLog.log" to support this.

Why doesn't Qlog guess clan names automatically?

Guessing clan names by player names is too error prone. I've received too many requests for please add this player or please remove this player. It might be useful to have a program that makes suggestions, but in the end the clan data must be maintained manually.

Why do frags not show up right away?

QuakeWorld servers use buffered I/O when writing the frag log file. Thus, the file is only flushed to disk periodically. On a server that's not very busy, this could mean a frag might not appear in the log for hours.

How often should I run Qlog?

Run Qlog often! It was designed to take up as little resources as possible. I run Qlog usually three times per hour for each QuakeWorld server. You should try to run Qlog as close to midnight (but not after midnight) as you can. This will make the stats by day as accurate as possible. At a minimum, you should run it once a day (just before midnight).

Does it work with add-ons like Rocket Arena?

Yes, it does... as long as it is a QuakeWorld server and not a Quake server.

Can I use Qlog on more than one server?

You can if you are maintaining separate web pages and stats for each server. If you want to maintain combined statistics for all your servers, that's different. Qlog will only look for log files in one directory. On UNIX, you can work around this limitation by creating a directory that contains symbolic links to every log file for all your servers. I've done this sucessfully with a Perl script available here.
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